//10 Crypto Commandments

10 Crypto Commandments

Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Crypto:

1) You Shall never invest in Bcash

2) You Shall take profits on the way to the moon

3) You Shall never hold more than 12 coins

4) You Shall never trust someone who’s only credibility is “I bought in 2014”

5) You Shall listen to the CryptoPips podcast for its wisdom

6) You Shall buy coins that have announced airdrops or forks

7) You Shall not worship false idols (Ver, McAfee, ect.)

8) You Shall never tell your friends how many bitcoin you own

9) You Shall hodl long term, seek opportunity mid term, and avoid short term thinking.

10) You Shall buy all coins that CryptoPips shills